About Draper Auction Academy

We realize that as an auctioneer educational institution we are responsible for not only preparing each student to pass a state licensing exam but more importantly we must adequately provide tomorrow’s auctioneers with the necessary tools and resources to uphold the highest professional standards in serving their clients.  Our licensing program is unique in that it enables you to receive your auctioneer license through a hybrid model consisting of both remote and in-person learning opportunities. Unlike many other programs we eliminate the need to take valuable time off from your job and family commitments, by offering a convenient schedule of live lectures by Ron Draper, guest lectures by successful auction industry specialists, pertinent reading assignments, required auction attendance and submission of a detailed written auction summary report.

With the above goals in mind each graduating student who successfully completes our course and passes our licensing exam (approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) will be eligible to apply for a Massachusetts auctioneer license (as well as New Hampshire auctioneer license and other approved states through reciprocity with MA).  A licensed auctioneer is then capable of selling at auction any personal and real property as permissible by law.  Draper Auction Academy is so confident that we will prepare you for our exam that if you do not pass the first time, we will tutor you for free in preparation for your licensing exam retesting.

We believe that in addition to providing a learning experience where you receive all the necessary information to become a licensed auctioneer, it should be a fun and rewarding experience!   To enhance this learning experience, we will have auctioneers and other appropriate professional guest lecturers as well as offer field trips to actual auctions when available.  Finally, all our graduates will be eligible for a complimentary consultation on their first auction sale.

Our goal is to provide the students of our auctioneer licensing school, Draper Auction Academy with a comprehensive auction education. We are also a full-service auction company specializing in real estate, estate and personal property, charity auctions and specialty sales. Take the first step and call Draper Real Estate & Auctioneers to get your auction career off to a great start!